Starting from seed

I planted seeds on March 5 through the 10th and a few more sporadically after that.  On March 17th, this is what my seedling table looked like under the hanging lights.

Seeding table 12 days after planting

The thing you want to do is keep the lights hung only one or two inches above the plants, even if that means moving them up a fraction every night when you check on them.  If the lights are more than 2 inches above the plants, the plants will grow taller to let the leaves reach the light better.  If they get leggy like that they won’t have the strength to hold themselves up, especially when you eventually transplant them outside where the wind blows.

Seedlings in cups

At times, I had some plants growing faster than others, so I just let the fixture hang higher on one end and rearranged the cups underneath based on height.

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  1. What sort of seedlings are these?

  2. There are 4 kinds of tomato and at least one sugar baby watermelon on the table at this point. I’ll have a set of updated photos within a few days that will show even more.

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