Stitches for S.

On a Friday late in May 2007 at 12:50 I’m sitting at my desk at work looking forward with apprehension to the fact that we have to move to a new house on Saturday morning. I made a few phone calls to verify helpers and trucks and trailers.

Then the phone call.

My wife calls me from work where she had received a call that our son S. had split his chin open. He fell off his scooter at Day Care. The last time we got a call like this, we had agreed that C. (the daycare lady) was overreacting a bit. H. had a cut and a quick dab of glue sealed it up just fine.

I hop in the car anyway, to do the 45 mile drive back to Quincy to the hospital. After I had gone 12 miles down the road, it’s 1:10 and I get another call. My wife is kind of frantic and she tells me, “It’s really DEEP! I’m trying to find someone to hold his skin together while I drive him to the E.R.”

OK then! I put on the speed and did that next 30 miles in 19 minutes. The cut was very big and not something I ever wanted to see on my 3 year old, I felt so bad for him.

Anyway, S. is so brave. He took ten lidocaine (local) injections like a trooper and hardly even cried. Then he held his head still while he got about 12 internal stitches and about 12 on the outside.

Click small photos to see the morbid detail.

P.S. He was riding his scooter again later that same day.
P.P.S. The doctor woman gave us 240 doses of Tylenol with Codeine. Woo Hoo!


After healing and over two years time, his scar looks like this in September 2009:



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  1. healing nicely!

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